star pitchers

If you look at the stars long enough you see pitchers from the stars up above . You may see your family .Do you see pitchers  in the stars? I DO . yes or no


                      DEAD PEOPLE

Look up to the stars and remember the people you love!!!!!!! Then they might remember you.

                               FUN IN THE STARS

You can have fun in the stars by playing fun games like hide and seek.So what do you play in the stars




these girls have a quiz

when you look at the stars what do you see?



who might remember you?



who might you remember?




Once there was a slow cheetah called Annabelle. One day, she got invited to a race. “Oh no!” screamed Annabelle “what’s wrong?” said Annabelle’s mum.

“I got invited to a race and i’m so slow !”shouted Annabelle

“I’ll call the paw patrol,” beamed Annabelle’s mum

“The paw patrol are on their way!” screamed annabelle’s mum

The paw patrol are here. so in a couple of week’s she was the fastest cheetah.

So when the day finally came, she won.

Quiz Time


who is the slow cheetah?

who saved the day?

who won?