quarantine week three

It was Easter we didn’t get the same amount of easter eggs but it was okay. We had a week off and made an easter cake. The cake didn’t cook properly so we scooped out the middle and filled it with strawberries and put strawberry jam and butter cream in the middle to stack it and iced the hole thing in buttercream with sprinkles and mini eggs.

We can’t do as much baking because we can’t find flour any where. I’m not allowed into the shops it feels weird because every time mum goes to the shops I can’t go in and we just have to wait outside; on our one instructed walk a day by Boris [our Prime Minster].

On easter morning we went to everyones house and gave them chocolate eggs with knitted bunnies on top. We also decorated our drive with chalk.

Our easter cake.
Me and my sister delivering Easter eggs.

Our drive decorated.