quarantine week two

My Mum and Dad stopped arguing and opened a bottle of champagne because the had completed week one. Homeschooling went much better because we had found websites and sheets to do.

  • Twinkl [a website to find worksheets but you need a printer]
  • Khan Academy [a website with videos and tests with all different subject]
  • BBC bitesize [a website with daily lessons]
  • ttrockstars
  • purple mash
  • spelling shed

I felt that it was a much better week.

We gave my dad a haircut and shaved his hair and it was really funny so something positive.

My party got cancelled but we made brownies and the were really nice. We put my mum in her wedding dress and I made dinner gnocchi and apple crumble.

My mum in her wedding dress
Me and my dad making gnocchi

https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/gnocchi This is how to make gnocchi.