how to make the perfect tie dye t-shirt

kit list: tie dye [you can get kits off amazon], rubber bands, gloves and a white piece of clothing.

Step one] damp your piece of clothing in water

Step two] for this piece I’m making a spiral. if you want to make a spiral stick a fork in the middle and twist it adding rubber bands. you could do other techniques crumpled where you crumple it and put dye all over the top or stripes fold the into pleats use elastic bands to make sections and put the dye in the sections.

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step three] put in the dye make sure to be wearing rubber gloves, to do it in a bucket and make sure if you’re doing it in the house that the surfaces are covered. Protect your clothes. Also if you have got a kit fill the bottle up up to the top until the powder has dissolved.

step four] put the shirt in a plastic bag for five to eight hours. I use multiple so the dye dosen’t get every where.

step five] wearing the protective gloves take the shirt out of the bag and remove any rubber bands. Rinse the shirt with cold water.

step six] Put your shirt in the washing on a cold cycle without putting in any detergent only put in one item at a time so the colours don’t transfer.