quarantine week eleven

On the weekend my cousin joe and ollie came round for a barbecue because it was almost joes 16th birthday and when i’m writing this it is joe’s birthday happy birthday joe. We had cupcakes as well.

Then on the Sunday I went on a bike ride with my friend ,Ella, then she came round for another barbecue .

Then after a long day me and my mum snuggled up in bed and watched glow up.


make the perfect burgers

These make four burgers.

you will need… 500g of mince beef 1 egg half an onion 2 cloves of garlic 1/2 teaspoons of salt 1/2 teaspoons of pepper 1/2 teaspoons of Italian seasoning

  1. put the onion in the blender and make sure it’s Finley diced before you put it in the bowl. Add the mince beef and egg.
  2. Get 2 cloves of garlic and squish it into the bowl. Then add the pepper, salt and Italian seasoning.
  3. then mix it together with your hands. Once it’s thoroughly mixed in split it into fours and make them into burger shapes.
  4. once you have done that put the burgers on a plate with spray olive oil and cling film over the top.
  5. then let them chill in fridge for a minimum of half an hour.
  6. cook them over the barbecue.

quarantine week ten

This week we didn’t do much but on Friday me and my cousin did a virtual sleepover.

We went on a walk because this week it was really sunny we went down to Liverpool and had a walk with my granny and a picnic.

My mum me and my sister made Tudor ginger bread.


quarantine to do list

  1. Make a fairy graden
Image result for fairy garden

2. Do a puzzle 3. Start a journal/blog 4. Try writing a book 5. Movie marathon 6. Teach your self a foreign language [you could use duolingo] 6. Read 7. Meditate 8. Do skin care 9. Look at pictures 10. Make a vision board 11. Write/Text to family and friends 12. Have a zoom meeting with all your friends 13. Organise 14. Try on all your clothes 15. Bake 16. Do yoga 17. Draw 18. Have a relaxing bath/shower 19. Colour 20. Try to make something off Pinterest 21. Make a fortune teller 22. learn how to braid 23. Make a list of things your grateful for 24. Get Disney+ it has a lot off great films 25. Learn a new style of dance AND…

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quarantine week nine

This week we did a pizza party and i made a chicken, mushroom and sweetcorn pizza.

I also started to learn card magic tricks.

Amelia’s quarantine quiz Daddy Are you enjoying quarantine? He thinks there’re pros and cons but he dosen’t hate it. Mmmy Are you enjoying quarantine? No not at all. Georgia Are you enjoying quarantine? sort of.

My pizza.

quarantine week eight

This week Boris Johnson announced on the news that on Wednesday we are officially aloud to exercise for longer and we are allowed to exercise with more people as long as social distancing is still in place.

My mum’s work did a charity event at home. We made yellow pompoms for a cancer hospital and cat squishy’s with catnip in for the cats. We did five quizzes so we can get 500 pounds to go to a charity if we win.

The stuff me and Georgia made for charity.
My sister making cat squishy’s.
Me my sister and my mum doing quizzes.

quarantine wek seven/ VE-Day

So this week we didn’t do much work we did at least one hour a week because my parents had a week off. On Thursday we started preparation for VE-DAY we made scones and lemonaid.

VE-DAY So on VE-day we all sat outside ate salmon and cream cheese triangular sandwiches with no crust. Me and my sister went on our scooters up and down the street.

My sister after making scones.
Everyone sat on their drives for afternoon tea so here was ours.
Me and my sister at afternoon tea doing the victory sign.

about me

I’m eleven years old everyone calls me Millie but my name is Amelia. My dream is too animate at Pixar. I’ve always wanted to go to japan or Disney Land Paris but I’m more likely to go to Disney Land because no one in my family speaks Japanese.

I love Harry Potter, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, 10 things i hate about you, The Hunger Games and Divergent

My favourite food is Ramen and Ramune but i would love to try boba tea.

quarantine week six

This week me and my mum went on a 5k run for the NHS we gave 10 pounds to the NHS.

Me and my best friend Erin had to FaceTime to watch a film together and my sister was on a zoom call with her friends.

It is really hard to get online shops but luckily we were able to get a really big online shop this week.

We entered a design a banner competition we have sent a picture and if I win they make the banner and put it outside my school

my design
my sister talking to her friends
me and my friend FaceTimeing

quarantine week five

This week we had a photo shoot for mummy’s photo frame And because it was hot we made a den.

we had another barbecue and on one day I made apple crumble. There is still one bakery open so we went to get lunch and we got doughnuts on our one instructed walk by Boris.

To not get to bored we had a game tournament with loads of different games and we had just finished rouge one.

We have to wash our hands a lot my hands are cracking and it really hurts.

photo shoot photo one
photo shoot photo two
photo shoot photo three
photo shoot photo four
and this was our den