One day while homeschooling, Tee went to get her coronavirus mask when she found a stack of letters with her name on them.

Hey Tee, it’s me mummy mask [the mask with the tie dye]. We need to talk. You make me work so much harder than the other masks. All year long I sit on your 

face protecting you but do I get protected NO, NO I DON’T!!! I NEED A REST!!!

Your very over worked mask

Mummy mask.

Deer Tee, its daddy mask here[the Mike Wazowski mask], All right, PAY ATTENTION. I love that I’m your favourite mask for going to socially distanced street parties but you need to stop spilling juice on me if you don’t I’m going to… COMPLETELY LOOSE IT.

Your very neat friend,

Daddy mask.

Dear Tee, its sister mask here [the plain blue one from the hospital]

I’m tired of being called “the hospital mask” and never being worn. I’m always at the bottom of the drawer. If I am lucky you will take me to the supermarket.

Your hospital friend

sister mask. 


Its me baby mask [the one with a pikachu face] I’m so tired. Whenever you go see family you always were me how about you use me for a smaller trip like maybe to the garden and give me a break from the longer journeys?

Your very tired friend 

Baby mask.

Well poor Tee just wanted to be safe … and of course she wanted her masks to be happy and that gave her an idea 


Mummy mask


Daddy mask


Sister mask              A TIMETABLE!!!


Baby mask 


Mummy mask 


Daddy mask


sister mask

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