Quarantine isn’t all bad

This is all the good things to make quarantine not so bad.

Baking. During quarantine I have been improving my baking apple crumble, gnocchi and we made pizza. I’ve been baking so much my mum made a rule to bake only once a week. She said if I carried on baking cakes we would all get diabetes.

me and my dad making gnocchi

The pizza party. My mums work had a pizza party over google meet. I made my favourite pizza chicken mushroom and sweet corn. We also had a dance party. I won a £25 amazon voucher for doing a Sage (where my mum works) and pizza advert and me and my sister got a small tent to go camping in (in the garden).

Easter. for Easter my mum knitted bunnies and put chocolate eggs in them and sent them out we also made an easter cake. We did an Easter egg hunt where my dad wrote the clues in Spanish. It was a really nice day so me and my sister had a water fight.

me and Georgia delivering the chocolate eggs
our easter cake that I made

Quarantine film night. Me and Erin face timed and watched shaun of the dead and now we do it once a week also me and my cousin do virtual sleepovers.

us FaceTiming Erin

Quarantine birthday. On my birthday the party at the virtual reality place got cancelled as well as going to wag mamma’s. I still had a great birthday me and my dad made brownies. My favourite present was my F.R.I.E.N.D.S hoodie.

VE-day. On VE-day every one decorated staying two meters apart we also all sat out on our drive for afternoon tea the streets looked beautiful.

Art. In quarantine I did my first canvas a night sky. On my other canvases I used a splatter cup technique. We did a colouring competition for VE-day I didn’t win. I used watercolour.

Japan project. I have been working on a project all about Japan it took at least two months.