quarantine week four

On week four we clapped for all the key workers in our girl guiding uniform I used a wooden spoon and a pan. I made a thank you photo for a school video. We played with my sisters Guniea pig cookie to keep ourself entertained.

It was sunny so we made burgers for our barbecue but there was con because we couldn’t go on walks in the mountains and have a picnic. We got the archery out and the foot ball. We went on the trampoline.

I really miss my family but luckily we made a group chat so we would be on each others phones. There is a shortage of hand sanitiser, pasta and flour because they can’t produce enough paper bags to put it in but luckily we have bottles of hand sanitiser from when we went to Cuba and the year after Mexico.

Us clapping for the key workers.
My thank you photo.
My mum playing with cookie